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SF Wyatt and Guillain’s Ewok!

SF Bryson’s Luke Instrux!

SF Taylor’s Origami Puppets!

Jabba spotted in the wild !

As usual …… Someone has found Jabba long before the sale date.

If you find it too, remember… No Spoilers!!!!

Should book 5 be a … Romance novel?

Check out this awesome idea from SuperDoodler NoahH!
A Princess Leia puppet that gives “love advice!”

Librarian to the Rescue!

From a SuperFolder, comes this dramatic account of library heroics…

SF Payton’s Origami!

SF Kalin’s Pure Stookiness!

SF Robby’s Origami National Pokedex of Pokemon!

Professor Oak is like, "Woah, dude, these are stooky!"

SuperFolder Henry’s Darth Harvey!