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Virginia stop added to Jabba launch tour!

Imaginations Toy StoreSouth Main Street, Blacksburg Virginia
Monday Aug 12, 6:30 pm.

Call store for directions/details.

SF DrewTheMasterFolder’s Slideshow!

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My office…

Got a wide angle lens for my phone and thought it might give you an idea of what my office is like!

See that purple paper under the Millenium Falcon? I had to put that there to hide a HUGE spoiler for book 5. The cover star is behind it!

UK and Australia Jabba Launch dates…

I just heard from SP Tina in the London office. She says Jabba should go on sale Aug. 7 in Australia and Sept. 6 in the UK!

Jabba sneak peek: And Kellen’s puppet is….

Luke Skyfolder!

Sometimes even I get a drawing right!

SF Wyatt and Guillain’s Ewok!