Will wrote @

I have instructions for oragami storm trooper

  Dude10829 wrote @

I wonder if there is going to be a third book

  ishmeal wrote @

Tom please send the instructions for how to fold the cover origami yoda (please):-(

  Neil Singh wrote @

Tom can’t he can’t remember. But he has made the deluxe one. I’ve tried it it is pretty easy considering I’m a super folder!!!

  james wrote @

Tom hw do you put up a conest

  SF Gingka Haganae wrote @

I’m gonna make a super BEAST Yoda. It will blow your minds away!!!! Wish me luck!!!

  superfolder kainoa wrote @

Hi im back

  William wrote @

Please! A Luke/anakin fold!

  sf darth maul wrote @

Hey tom how can i email u?

  Justin wrote @

Hey Tom can I have the cover Origami Yoda? Please? No? Well… I’ll give you $50 for it! 100! 200! Anything!! I LOVE ORIGAMI YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  sf darth maul wrote @

Tom how can I e mail you?

  jedi master yoda wrote @

Tom i,ve read every origami yoda book including fourtine wookie so can i have origami yoda…please origami ROCKS!!!!!!!

  jedi master yoda wrote @

Tom i made a awsome origami yoda but i cant send u a picture…i cant figure out how so… please send delux yoda instructs 2 69 carol rd ormond beach fl.

  sonic12012 wrote @

Tom how do you post photos on your home page?

  Jack wrote @

How do you fold origami grievous w/ 4 arms?

  Houston wrote @

How do you make origami droid.

  Paris wrote @

Can you mail me all of your books please.

  DarthMaul1 wrote @

Hey DarthMaul1 here and ever since I saw Ben and darth maul in book 3 I’ve been trying to find out how to fold darth maul…..and finally I did it and will be posting a pic soon

  DarthMaul1 wrote @

Darth Maul: At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.

  sf. awesomeness wrote @

please send me the van jahnke yoda instrux

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