Origami Yoda 3 Cover Poll! And FIRST TO KNOW contest!

On March 29 we announce the star of Origami Yoda 3: THE SECRET OF _______________?

R2D2? Wicket the Ewok? Chewbacca? Luke?
Or somebody else….

Make your guess now using this poll…. then leave a comment if you wish. [NOTE: FirstToKnowContest is now closed!]


  Hi 7 wrote @

When do you draw out the winner Tom please reply

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Probably a few days before April 1.

  SuperFolder Sam wrote @

Tom, it says one commenter chosen at random. You just commented. What if that commenter turns out to be you???

  yoda wrote @


  yodafolderdani wrote @

Tom does anyone get a prize if they get it right. please reply

  guy who likes OY wrote @

Tom,is it Chewbacca?If yes,please reply

  Jedi bob wrote @

I have book 3

  Darthcjdude wrote @

Tom JC and the evil jawa are at war!

  maaria wrote @


  OrigamiYoda Aarthi wrote @

hip hip hooray

  Superfolder GavinM wrote @

I think its Chewie because in the first book Dwight refuses to discuss Chewie,or right a file about him.

  yoda wrote @

I’ve had this wierd dream about the character i think it is…. jth…

  NotSoSuperOfAFolder wrote @

clone trooper, I am trusting u to get picked

  yoda wrote @


  Noah McConnell wrote @

I’m probably totally wrong, but…. CHEWIE!!!!!

  Super folder Saxon wrote @

Actually, your TOTALLY RIGHT!

  Chinua wrote @

thumbs up if you were just going back and saw this and voted

  Maria Selke wrote @

Oh, I want to know! Chewbacca would be perfect. But I’d take any of them. Or Boba?? So excited! My boys and I will be wearing fake mustaches that day to pick up the FM!

  SuperDrawer Fer wrote @

I think it’ll be Han Solo

  superfolder samy wrote @

I don’t think so

  SuperFolder Sam wrote @

Me 2. But since they’re all secrets, what if it’s: “The secret to Yoda’s Wisdom?” What if Dwight and yoda, or just Dwight, really are fakers?

  tommytimmy wrote @

theyve allready done all that is he real stuff

  Stormy wrote @

I’m just going to tell people. I’m absolutely SURE, incredibly stooky sure, that there is going to be more than one new origami star wars guy. Tom has already said that jarjar is in it,but he’s also given a clue that wicket is also in it.

  yoda wrote @


  Stormy wrote @

Think outside the box.

  Star Wars Fan Max wrote @

I think it’s Artoo, because Superfolder WyattP said that on Skype, Tom said they can’t use the Force, which eliminates Luke. Plus, Tom said it won’t be an ewok. And if it’s a wookie, it would probably be Chewbacca, but if it was Chewbacca, he would probably be paired up with Han Solo.

  chinua wrote @

i like the way you think young jedi

  starwarsfanmax wrote @


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

SuperFolder JC

and I chose Chewbacca because he is the only one who could have the head be seperate… and because, in my opinion, he’s the Stooky-est!

  SuperDrawer Fer wrote @

Oh yeah and first

  Sesuj wrote @

I think that will be the new Star:D

  filip toloczko wrote @

hello tom i want to win

  Brian Wilhorn (@HelpReaders) wrote @

I’m voting Chewbacca, not because I necessarily think it will be him, but I’m hoping it’s him.

  SuperDrawer Fer wrote @

Aucully i think it’ll be chewbacca

  Todd S. wrote @

It’s probably not fan favorite Boba Fett’s secret we’ll be discovering in book 3, but an old fellow can dream…

Much luck and continued success!

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

But Boba Fett’s a bad guy, and Tom said it was a good guy.

  superfolder gavin w wrote @

please enter me! in the first to know

  superfolder gavin w wrote @

tom are we voting to decide or are we guessing for the fun of it?

  superfolder samy wrote @


  superfolder samy wrote @

Anyone there?

  superfolder samy wrote @

Any one at all?

  superfolder samy wrote @

I chose chewie!

  SF Simon wrote @

I’ve cancelled out Wicket, Chewie, and R2, because they don’t have lightsabers, which are an important part of the cover. Also, Tom said it’s a good guy a while back, so that rules out any more Sith. It must be a Jedi, and there has to be a good origami pun…I think it’s Luke! Luke Skyfolder/Skypaper!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Hey, ur right! I never thought of that…

  Stormy wrote @

Why do they have to have lightsabers?

  Superfolder wyatt wrote @

Luke skywalker!!!!!!

  peyton100 wrote @

Yeah luke

  Yodamaster wrote @

Don’t forget, it has to be a HEAD AND a good guy.

  Darth Vader AKA Ani wrote @

My vote will remain secret…. but, I have pored over it for many hours. I am confident it is who I think it is…. and I am usually right with this type of thing… and if it is not who I thik it is, who it is, my apprentice will be severly punished.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Hmmm I wonder who you think… email me your secret answer if you want.

  SF Grant wrote @

Tom, I e-mailed my answer too, if thats OK.

  Harris wrote @

Origami Boba Fett Strikes Back

  Superfolder Megan/Phred wrote @

i think it is chewbacca because he has bin in one of the past books and he was one of the people to vote for when we were deciding about darth paper

P.S. thanks for being one of the most stooky authors ever!

  superfolder samy wrote @


  Slueth wrote @

yeah but in the first book Tommy found a bunch of notes crumpled into a origami Chewbacca, but afterword never talked about it. It’s probably be about the secrets of THAT chewbacca

  Axel Torres wrote @

OOOH! OOH! I think i know! I have done some detective work and i say it is General G.! he has been in the darth paper book, but in the book they didn’t talk about him. and in the book you see yoda on the left and vader on the right, just like in the vote thing on top. AND tom once made a general g. before,and didn’t show us instrux!

  darth ZORGIT wrote @

I like your theory young padawan

  Aimee Bartis wrote @

Anyone but Chewie, please!!!

  Boni Ashburn wrote @

I don’t KNOW who it will be, but I WANT it to be Chewbacca! Chewie’s awesome :) But any way the origami falls, a third book is reason to celebrate- yay Tom!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks Boni!!

  tedmeister7 wrote @

Is it 1 of those?

  AustinM wrote @

I think it’s Anakin because remember when SF YodaMaster did that book report? He said Harvey used Origami Anakin for GOOD.

  superfolder samy wrote @

Uhh… hmmm

  SuperFolder Sam wrote @

What book report?

  shellie reeder wrote @

oh yeah… and Tom said something like, ”you are right on one part, SF YodaMaster

  Houston wrote @

The secret of r2d2

that it what it HAS to be

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

But tom said it WASN’T anakin.

  Superfolder Artoo wrote @

I’m totally with you there, even though the book will be great no matter what. After all, it’s written by THE BEST AUTHOR EVER!!!!!!

  Sf John wrote @

I think it is Chewie because he plays a very big role in 3 episode 3 as the co pilot of the falcon. Also, chewie was seen in book 1 so Dwight may have given it to some one to give advice. And next, Chewie would be a very interesting character in the book due to his personality. Also Tom did say he was working on him in the book 2 votes, so he may have met the cover one. Also Tom usually chooses a character with lots of stuff on him like his stash and weird head. And he would be a good thing for kellen cause of his love for origami yoda. Finally, an origami Chewie would be so stooky!!!

  Sf John wrote @

P.s when will the winner be anncoued

  azbyc2 wrote @

March 28.

  azbyc2 wrote @

March, 29

  Superfolder Mikey wrote @

I think it is Chewbacca because he appeared in earlier books when Dwight gave him to Tommy. I think there is a secret to him!

Ps: He fits all the clues!

  Yoda Chick wrote @

No, he doesn’t have 11 letters

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

Actually, ANY character could have an 11-letter name, because Tom might add some paper-related pun to make it 11 letters. BUt, then again, there might not be a pun. Also, if you spell out R2-D2 phonetically, you get Artoo Deetoo, which is 11 letters.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Good point!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

But maybe it’s supposed to be 14 letters not 11…

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

14 letters? (Gasps at the sight of such stookiness) Like Papertoo Deetoo!

  superfolder samy wrote @

It could be luke but I chose chewie

  SuperFolder Sam wrote @

I chose Han Solo.

  superfolder samy wrote @

Has anyone tried chewie and han?

  superfolder samy wrote @

I WISH it could be r2 in future books

  Superfolder Artoo wrote @

Yeah, I want Artoo too. But we all know the book would be great no matter what! :D

  bobafett1212 wrote @

it is jar jar

  superfolder samy wrote @


  T@yler wrote @

I Chose Clone Troopers because they betrayed the good side and that was a secret I think. What do you guys think?

  superfolder samy wrote @


  SF Grant wrote @

I don’t know, but weren’t the clone troopers good before they were bad? So, they would have to be the heroes of one book, and villains of another?

  darth ZORGIT wrote @

No the clones were never good they were a trick to distroy the jedi.that’s how liberty dies with thunderous applous!

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Chewbacca. We know Dwight has folded it before, he’s a good guy who appears in more than one movie, and could work as a head.

  origamirocks wrote @

I think its R2D2 because R2D2 is a great hero in assiting every person and ship. P.S. I would like to enter the First To Know Contest just to make it clear. P.P.S. Im Superfolder Zach and origamirocks.

  superfolder samy wrote @


  BillieMarie Weikel-Lewis wrote @

R2D2 rocks!

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

R2D2 was my guess. i am entering

  Billie Lewis wrote @


  superfolder charlie b wrote @

r2 is awesome

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

i think he deserves to be cover star

  superfolder samy wrote @


  Ron Cutler Lewis Jr. wrote @


  superfolder charlie b wrote @

he is my dads favorite

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

uh-oh, time for school

  Nolan R Lewis wrote @

R2D2, of course!

  Zach D Lewis wrote @

I did the R2D2 drawing. Everyone did a great job!

  superfolder oscarH wrote @

“the secret of luke paperwalker”

  SuperFolder Sam wrote @

Tom said he can’t use the force, so no luke!

  superfolder oscarH wrote @

or skyfolder either one

  Michael Kraviec wrote @

It Will be R2D2

  oscarU wrote @

r2d2 woooooooooo!

  oscarU wrote @


  Trenton Rogers wrote @

I love origami yoda

  Sf John wrote @

Or it could be r2 because Tom made him. Also r2 would be good for murky cause they both make weird word. Then again it may be Luke because of his lightsaber. All of them so far had sabers. But it can’t be wicket cause of what Tom said. But he will be there! Also I have 2 more things to say 1 I am the Same guy with the long Chewie entry. And 2 Tom, will you make all of the guys?

  Kelly Brietzke wrote @

I voted Chewbacca since he offers so much potential for fun being so big, gentle, protective and lovable at the same time.

  Christina Biamonte Faubert wrote @

I think it will be Obi-wan kenobi. great books!

  superfolder samy wrote @

Hmmm…perhaps chewie and han?

  superfolder samy wrote @

Hey tom IF I win can u email me instead of a phone call, my parents wouldn’t let me tell u my phone number

  Tick Tick wrote @

Yea, Same for me.

  tommytimmy wrote @

same for me

  SF Grant wrote @

Same 4 me.

  yoda wrote @

me 2

  Empaper wrote @

Me three

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Of course!

  shellie reeder wrote @

me too.

  Super folder Landon wrote @

me 2

  Tick Tick wrote @

Hmmm, I’m suspicious…. Why Would Tom change just normal Ewok to Wicket the Ewok? Interesting…. But I’m not voting Wicket!

  Tick Tick wrote @

And Tom sed an origami ewok would only be in one chapter!

  superfolder samy wrote @


  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Don’t listen to what Tom says… he’s full of baloney!

  superfolder samy wrote @

Lol tom
Ps thanks for changing AGAIN the date to march29

  superfolder gavin w wrote @

I think every hint tom said about the cover star is a red herring. he is trying to distract us with all the hints. all the hints don’t matter anymore. the cover star is whoever is picked by people!

  SuperFolder Jamin wrote @

Wicket is the ewok who first met leia.

  SuperFolder Jamin wrote @

I’m excited for this. I can keep secrets. I love Star wars and everything about it.

  kenobi wrote @

r2 or maybe chewie because tom said it wouldnt be a ewok and luke wouldnt be obvious because you have to draw the face

  dustin wrote @

my comment for the first to know contest, i can’t wait for this book. i know it is going to be awsome

  kenobi wrote @

tom does it matter how many comments you have or will it just be all the names once in a hat or something?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Just once

  kenobi wrote @


  origamiyoda wrote @

i think it will be origami yoda

  super folder tony wrote @


  CJ wrote @


  CJ wrote @


  CJ wrote @


  CJ wrote @


  CJ wrote @

I’m just guessing! (=

  CJ wrote @

But for real… Luke Skywalker! He rocks!

  Secret Origami Yoda wrote @

This is awesome! I am totally new to this site and I can’t wait ’till April 1st!

  super folder miguel wrote @

R2 D2 it is.

  superfolder samy wrote @


  tommytimmy wrote @


  superfolder samy wrote @

Hey a superfolder realized april 1st is april fools day
So tom might say a fake cover star

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Well, April 1st is ALSO the release date for Fake Mustache, so there might be an advertisment for OY3 in the back of the book, so Tom would HAVE to tell us the secret!!!

  Superfolder Joey wrote @

i think its luke but im not sure

  Star Wars Fan Max wrote @

Tom, if you enter more than 1 comment, does that increase your chances of winning? Or do you just do 1 per person who entered?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Comment as often as you want, but you’ll just be entered once…

  cman wrote @

man, it didnt work

  SuperFolder MichaelT wrote @

I think it’s Origami Leia, Because Leia was the first one to meet the ewoks, and Tom said that the Ewok would be the star of one chapter.

  Superfolder Alex wrote @

Luke. P.S. I can’t keep a secret.

  Sesuj wrote @

I think that is The secret of the Ewok or something because that’s the name(in my opinion) that is the more likely to be THE NAME

  tommytimmy wrote @

how will you even get our phone number to call us if we win?

  tommytimmy wrote @

p.s. do you have to get it right to win?

  Yodamaster wrote @

we e mail it to him, and also, YOUR ICON LOOKS LIKE MINE!

  tommytimmy wrote @

dude, your icon looks like vader with only one eye. mine looks like a chipmunk with one eye.

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

I always thought yodamaster’s looked like a clone trooper.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Guys, IT’S JAR JAR. Call me an idiot, but listen, it matches: good guy, only a head. PLUS, Tom wrote this once:” the secret of ———–” and it had 11-s, and jarjarbinks id 11 LETTERS! Plus that drawing of jar jar, and for star wars episode 1 in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!

  superfolder samy wrote @

Wait on the one on the top had 12 spaces
I do not think its jar jar
No me puedes convencer

  Star Wars Fan Max wrote @

Yodamaster, that is interesting, and Jar Jar does fit, but why would Tom lie to us? Tom is NOT a liar. Also, if you spell out R2-D2 phonetically, it comes to be this: Artoo Deetoo! And that way, it’s 11 letters! :)

  Yodamaster wrote @

But listen, Tom said it was a HEAD and Tom made an R2 with a full body.

  superfolder samy wrote @


  Tick Tick wrote @

And when you spell out R2-D2 phonetically it’s actually Artoo Detoo, Detoo only has one ‘e’ so yea…

  superfolder wicket wrote @

for obvious reasons i personally wish that it was wicket…

  Superfolder Artoo wrote @

My mom won’t let me enter! :*(

  Mr. S wrote @

I vote R2-D2 because during his Skype with our Guys Read club, we mentioned R2 and it seemed like he was trying to keep a straight face. Yeah? Yeah!

  tommytimmy wrote @

i am totally loving the guys read books!!!! tom, you should do some writing for guys read!

  tommytimmy wrote @


  tommytimmy wrote @

or maybe the secret of the astromech

  Secret Origami Yoda wrote @

I do NOT think it was Wicket because Tom said before: “He is not the cover star, but he has a secret!” about Wicket. Ooh! I hope I get picked to be the first to know!

  tommytimmy wrote @

tom said an ewok would just be the star of one chapter

  SF jawa wrote @


  tommytimmy wrote @

luke or chewie…

  superfolder samy wrote @


  SuperDrawerDiego wrote @

it will probably be chewbacca ( because tom already said it woudn’t be wicket boo hoo !! ) and because he lost last time and is also mentioned in the book.

  MUSTASHMAN wrote @

i think it will be kit fisto because Tom said head be in the 2 or 3 book and he wasn’t in the 2 so he has to be in the 3

  MUSTASHMAN wrote @

ow and by the way since at the end Harvey turned out to be good who will be the villein this time tom please us now if i have to wait much longer ill end up in a strait coat and in a thery soft room

  Jared wrote @

i bet you all anything that it is R2-D2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be a really good book and since they dont know what R2 is saying they have to find out how to make c3po !!!!!!!!!

  Tick Tick wrote @

Yea, but Dwight already has an Origami C-3PO

  Dwightrules wrote @

How do you know that?

  Tick Tick wrote @

In an older post the title of the post was “Heres the latest from Dwight: Origami R2D2 and C3PO!”

  superfolder linus wrote @

luke skyfolder

  tommytimmy wrote @

do you have to get it right to win?

  SuperFolderYonatan wrote @

Hmm… Luke hands down.

  siavash wrote @

I think it will be chewbacca because I’m a wookie fan.

  superfolderdbzfan wrote @

i think its luke

  Superfolder Artoo wrote @

If it’s Artoo, my site will have the stookiest online celebration ever! Go, R2! :D

  Mr. Schell wrote @

Can’t wait to find out, can’t wait to read it. RIP Ralph McQuarrie.

  Starwars Princess wrote @

I think it will be an Origami Princess Leia! If you read OY2 She is on a poster! I started watching Starwars at 5 1/2 years old! :-)

  origamiyodahelper wrote @

i think it will be luke.

  Superfolder Noah(with new icon) wrote @

I vote for Chewie

  Starwars Princess wrote @

GO TOM! U ROCK! hehehe

  Madelyn Rosenberg wrote @

Kids are still arguing over Wicket v. Grievous. Waiting for official announcement so peace will reign in galaxy.

  superfolder crispin wrote @

I think it will be R2-D2.

  Superfolder Rocket wrote @

Go r2

  tommytimmy wrote @

hoo is van jahnke!!!!????!!!!???

  Stormy wrote @

Just saying, slot of people are saying, well Tom said a while ago that the star doesn’t have the force or something. However, that was a while ago. Tom could have changed it by now.

  Jackb wrote @

Id like to enter

it is r2d2 i think

  superfolder samy wrote @

One question, is it secret of the…, or the secret of..?.

  Eli wrote @

Secret of the Origami Chewbacca

  mattweb200 wrote @

its r2, i mean, what kind of book is luke? i’d be surprised if it were chewie, and its not ewok… so its gotta be r2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Rymit the Superfolder wrote @

I think it will be “The Secret of Luke Skywalker” because “The Secret” doesn’t really go well with anybody else.

  Rymit the Superfolder wrote @

And how will you call us on the phone?

  oyitleader wrote @

i think it’s chewbacca

  Nikki wrote @

It’s gotta be R2D2. Gotta.

  naaszreads wrote @

It has to be Luke to battle against Darth…

  Briflame wrote @

I think that it will be chewie.

  Briflame wrote @

Actually, I think it’s going to be Admiral Ackbar because he was mention in book 2 and there was a picture of him in it, too.

  oman276 wrote @

i think its chewy cuz chewies cool

  superfolderHenryF wrote @

on the news and edvents section on star wars.com they metntion this!

  Danielle wrote @

I would like to thank you for writing books that make my seven year old son giggle continuously…It is a wonderful sight to behold! Your books will forever be a part of his childhood.

  Superfolder Princess wrote @

Hey tom… I was wondering if you could email me if I win…(big IF) My mom may not agree to the phone call… :-) I think it is going to be Leia Because she was in OY2!

  Dawne Reed wrote @

I hope it’s a character with a fake mustacheo! How about R2D2?
Thank you for the Fake Mustache you gave to one of my lucky students when you were in Tucson. I’ll let you know who that turns out to be!
– Mrs Read the Librarian

  Brendan Clark wrote @

This sounds awesome, My friend and I have been making over 200 Oragami Yodas,Darth Papers,Grand Moff Tarkins,R2-D2’s,Wookies,Ewoks and others. We invented our own designs and used yours. It sounds so cool. My friend and I are spreading your book at our school and people actually ask us to make them. You and your book are awesome fo all Star Wars Fans.

  Awsome wrote @

It’s Definetly R2

  sam wrote @

I thind it is………………………….. Chuck Norris because Tom never said it is not a non star wars character

  sam wrote @

I think it is………………………….. Chuck Norris because Tom never said it is not a non star wars character

  Yodamaster wrote @

when the heck did he ever say that? and no offense, but if ti was chuck norris, that would be the worst book ever!

  Yodamaster wrote @

Guys, Luke makes as much sense to be the cover star as a potato!!!!! Tom said it was a HEAD, and last i checked, Tom wouldn;t put a character in a book carrying around a head of Luke Skywalker he made ut of paper. That is so wrong in SO many ways!

  James Porter wrote @

Who’s Chuck Norris?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Star Wars Fan Max wrote @

Chuck Norris is a really stooky guy from Texas. He has an awesome beard, knows karate, and does awesome roundhouse kicks. But Tom said it was a Star Wars character, so it won’t be Chuck Norris :(. But Yodamaster, Chuck Norris is stooky! A book about an origami Chuck Norris would be stooky, too. By the way, I made an origami Chuck Norris once.

  superfolderandrew wrote @

Taekwondo is better than Karate, SWF Max.

  superfolderandrew wrote @

Not to offend anyone|_|

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

The head thing got changed. It is not just a head…

  superfolder samy wrote @

Its chewie!

  Star Wars Fan Max wrote @

Yeah, but you said that they can’t use the Force, so it’s still not Luke.

  superfolder tommytimmy wrote @

google where is chuck norris and click im feelin lucky

  Superfolder Artoo wrote @


  braden rogers wrote @

tom can you tell me when you decide ps i asked about the origami yoda movie and put my e mail wrong it starts with thes b

  Timothy Harman wrote @

The reason I think its going to be chewee is because of the almost origami chewbacca in dwights section in the first book

  Timothy Harman wrote @

Chewie it will be hrmmm..?

  rangersfire wrote @

Chewwie . The secret of the wokie. I think thats it

  rangersfire wrote @

Chewbaca . The secret of the wokie. I think thats it

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Altough I voted chewie, I will say that R2 has a vast ammount of possible storylines…

  mattweb2000 wrote @

nice vocab!

  breezinator wrote @

i think chewie, and i am also going to send you an origami chewie with instrux!

  Pete Muniz wrote @

I think it’s chewie or Boba Fett!

  Superfolder Alex wrote @


  Lonefishjosh wrote @

I hope it’s general grievous

  Walter wrote @

Tom please pick me I know thounds have asked but they can’t love your books as much as I do I bought them all in harback play the games from darth paper at school and have folded all the characters you show how to

  anakin skywalker wrote @

I am Anakin, and I know you definatley can`t love Star Wars more than me, buy it is entirely possibe you like Origami Star Wars more than me.

  KP wrote @

Have to know, we do, about the title of the book. Looking forward to reading and folding, we are.

  Ethan Schaub wrote @

It’s gotta be the storm trooper/Stock trooper because nobody thought of him and he’s unique and I was the only 1 who invented him, and no 1 else! I was the boy who had it while Tom was visiting CTA Freedom!

  Superfolder danny wrote @

i hav officially entered!

  zackbob wrote @

I kind of have to be a Harvey because one of my names is Harvey! lol

also, is the game Clone Wars StrikeTeam real?

  superfolderHenryF wrote @

someone NOT from star wars

  Zach wrote @

Finally a 3rd

  TBirt1999 wrote @

chewie! chewie! chewie!

  SuperFolder Yoda wrote @

March 29th is the day after my b-day!

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

Happy birthday!

  Anakin Skywalker wrote @

Happy birthday!

  SuperFolder Yoda wrote @

Its gonna be luke skywalker!

  TBirt1999 wrote @

The Secret of Chewie:
an origami yoda book

  TBirt1999 wrote @

chewie! chewie! chewie!

  TBirt1999 wrote @

i made my own chewbacca. he is really cool.

  Harry Potter wrote @

its luke

  TBirt1999 wrote @

no, its chewie!

  voltrontaco wrote @

I think it will be Lando from Empire Strikes Back.

  Mike wrote @

Tom! Do you know how to make an origami rancor?

  Hunter wrote @

Hi Tom! I’m the guy who is going to present the Bluebonnet Award to you, so…..you can tell me…..

I’m hoping it’s C3PO.

  Andrew Burnside, age 11 wrote @

liar liar liar liar liar liiar
Dont listen to Hunter, Tom

  Walter wrote @


  klcy wrote @

please vote chewie people the instrux will be cool

  Superfolder Darth Paper wrote @

It’s probably r2… or maybe chewie?

  LoisM wrote @

It has to be R2 — then we’d have my two favorite characters! (Yoda, of course, and R2)

  Super folder wild fang wrote @

I think general grevious becuase I voted other option but does that mean 100000000000000 other choices

  Michael wrote @

I think it is going to be Luke to weaken the power of the Dark side and Darth Paper.

  Bryce wrote @

Bryce age 9. I think he would be awesome!

  Lukeskypaper wrote @

Tom do you reveale it to everyone or do you give it to one person if so can the person tell

  Lukeskypaper wrote @

Everyone Acbar
wouldnt be it because its on the instrux page same thing for RD-D2 so those 2 are out and tom said to be quite about the luke thing AND! he said it was a good guy AND nothing…

  Lukeskypaper wrote @

And chewie could be in there but thats a bad book. But ewok is out whoever send in that photo doesnt read the blog .

  Superfolder brady wrote @

It would be SO stooky if Tom chooses my design for a origami clone In book 3

  Tamara SL wrote @

Can’t wait for the next installment-so much fun!

  Kathleen Hudson wrote @

Hey, what about Princess What’s-her-name (ok, I know it’s really Leia)? She’s almost the only female in the whole series. Don’t we count? actually, I voted for R2D2, but I thought I ought to say something.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Actually, there are at least four strong female characters that could grace a cover…
Leia, Padme, Ahsoka and Ventress.

Ventress used to be my least favorite character, but the recent events on The Clone Wars have changed that. She’s quite fascinating as she hovers between good and evil…

  Noah McConnell wrote @

Well, I don’t watch the Clone Wars, and my parents say the prequels don’t count as Star Wars, so that really only leaves Leia :P

  Anakin Skywalker wrote @

Ventress is responsible for my scar. I hate her for that. She just won`t die!!!

  Anakin Skywalker wrote @

The prequel triology counts as Star Wars!! I don`t know what your parents are thinking. Clone Wars doesn`t count as Star Wars, but the prequel triology definitely does!

  Anakin Skywalker wrote @

And Luminara, and What`s-Her-First-Name Swan, and Aayala Secura, and many other female Jedi.

  Superfolder Andrew wrote @

It should be Luke, because it’s like,

1) Yoda makes everything great
2) Vader ruins it all
3) Luke saves the day!

By the way, if Luke wins, which he probably won’t, I think either Tommy or Kellen should make him.

  harmonyfb wrote @

My son says…it has to be R2D2!

  anakin skywalker wrote @

Hey Tom, there`s a Star Wars convention on the day you reveal who the next star is.

  anakin skywalker wrote @

Lots of votes for Chewie. I think it would be fun having an origami Chewbacca book.

  Aidan, age 8 wrote @

Must be R2D2. i just know it! :)

  Will wrote @

Dear Tom,

I enjoy your books and I often make Origami Yodas. I think that the star of the next book is General Treevious…get it? Paper is made out of trees?

Your Jedi Apprentice,
Will Hamilton
Age 9

  Sherry wrote @


  Josh wrote @

i say the falcon

  Josh wrote @

but then again

  Josh wrote @

maybe the ewok

  Josh wrote @

or chewie

  Josh wrote @

hey andrew, if dwight makes him it could be funny

  Josh wrote @

i don’t think it matters who wins because the book will still be a good book, so it doesn’t matter

  SF Danny wrote @

Nobody else said Yaddle one of yoda’s species.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SF Danny wrote @


  Princess Leia Origami wrote @

Why not princess Leia?!

  ~DA-X wrote @

Honestly, it CAN’T be R2-D2 because R2-D2 can’t talk.

  Jo Beth Dempsey wrote @

I think it’ll be Obi Wan Kenobi. Why? Because he was just as wise as Yoda and oftentimes just as cryptic.

  zackbob7 wrote @

????? Tom (or anyone else), in book 2 it mentions Clone Wars Striketeam in the chapter called “Origami Yoda and the Non-video game”. Is that a real game or what? Also, what is the Obstacle Course game from the same chapter? It mentions it, but doesn’t elaborate, just says that Murky realizes it would work great for podracing. ?????

  Anakin Skywalker wrote @

Clone Wars Striketeam is a real game, that is actually rather enjoyable. I couldn`t find an “obstacle course” game, but if Murky says it would be great for podracing, let`s find it!

  Yodamaster wrote @

Murky meant that drawing game

  Noah McConnell wrote @

Actually, I think that was Mike…

  Gavin Carmichael wrote @

Chewie is going to win

  Middylou wrote @


  Herbert wrote @

Yeah I picked R2 D2… For one reason and one reason only. He’s my brother’s favorite character and he collects R2 D2 memoribilia and I’m running out of things to buy for him.

  komy100 wrote @

Wait, it’s Anikan, cuz the lines at the top of the page have the same number of lines as the number of letters in anikan skywalker

  Andrew Burnside, age 11 wrote @

artoo is winning according to the votes right now

  imadeanxfihterandmore wrote @

hey, i just figured this out. luke is the only one up there it could be cos they have to talk to give advice right?!

  Margaret D wrote @

This sounds like a lot of fun!

  scottstead wrote @

r2d2 for sure because it means some kid will have to be walking around going beep boop beep. booop beeeep beep boop. and my little cousin will love folding it up!

  Shannon Koene wrote @

The boy thinks it will be Wicket the Ewok, but Mom is holding out for Luke. Can’t wait to find out

  Payton wrote @

I think its R2D2

  Jeremy L wrote @

I think chewy because he is in the 1st book.

  matthew (@matt700_ex) wrote @

I think Chubaca because in the first book there was a origami Chubaca … or the second … I can not remember !?!?! well I remember there was one so I am hoping it foreshadowed the third book

  Art Spencer wrote @

R2D2 would make and easy fold, much easier than some of the others. And I can just hear one of the other characters beeping!

  kelly wrote @

Princess Leia!

(and I don’t have a theory or reason, it’s just my guess.)

  tobetuba1961 wrote @

It would have to be Luke because he is the new hope of the Jedi,(New School for Dwight). Lea his sister would have to make a guest appearence because she is the new hope for the Republic(new friend of Dwight like in the movies). Just a guess…

  michael yount wrote @

It is Luke Skywalkers destiny!!!!!

  Yoda Chick wrote @

I think it will be……uh…..RD-D2!

  Yoda Chick wrote @

Honestly…I don’t know…

  Yoda Chick wrote @


  Superfolder Artoo wrote @

I know, but Artoo would be awesome. Who cares about the cover star? Josh is right! Origami Yoda 3 will be great, no matter what! :D

  payton wrote @

some say R2D2 but others say Luke Skywalker becuse someone said they think he is trying to keep the lightsaver thing going on.

  damage inc. wrote @

i think its R2-D2!!!!!!!! pleace choose me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  aslum wrote @

You should totally call the winner on April 1st so they won’t be sure if it’s really the secret title or not!

  aslum wrote @

You should totally call the winner on April 1st, so they won’t know for sure if it really is the secret title or not!

  Karyn wrote @

My son and I disagree… I think it will be Chewbacca, son thinks it will be that other guy… “it’s a trap!” That guy.

  Karyn wrote @

Admiral Akbar! That guy!

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

I don’t get why Admiral Ackbar gets all the credit for saying “It’s a trap!” I mean, he DID say it, but in reality, the first Star Wars character to say it was Leia (in the Empire Strikes Back). It was when Luke was tricked into going to Cloud City, and Leia saw him, so she said, “Luke! It’s a trap!” So, I don’t think that we should call Ackbar the “It’s a trap!” guy.

  SuperFolder Yoda wrote @

I personally think its gonna be Luke Skywalker, but jeez, I really don’t know!

  Lynne Jaffe wrote @

Chewbacca – glad to know that there will be another book in this series – I hope the spring book fair at school carries it.

  Georg wrote @

You have to can fold the figure…so I think it will be R2D2?

  G wrote @

I think it is a storm trooper ‘cuz it goes with them well.

  M wrote @

I think it is a wookie because it looks cute and it could be hard to make. And a lot of people might want to do it because it is really cute. And also how it turns out.

  Laura Freeman wrote @

I think it has to be Luke. Surely it will be a character with some great lines throughout the book, a stretch for Chewie or R2. And it has to be a major character, right? Plus, we are local Blacksburg fans of Tom’s work, and we named our son Luke, so we have no choice but to root for the young Jedi. Still, Han Solo would have a lot of potential…

  awebster wrote @

I think Chewie, but it will be great no matter who!

  awebster wrote @

I like Chewie because he is cool. Also he would look cool as origami. And also he talks – just beeping would be weird in a book, wouldn’t it?

  chinua wrote @

tom when you pick the winner will you send instructions to fold whoever it is

[…] poll is going great folks! And there are just a few days left! If you know anybody who hasn’t […]

  Superfolder Artoo wrote @

This will be an AWESOME book, maybe even better than the last two, but I still have my principles!

  Minecraft Freak/ SF Xarl wrote @

ladeedoo. It’s c3po.

  suebeefoster wrote @

It’s really a tough call between R2D2 and Chewbacca. Chewie is my favorite; I often think how advantageous it would be to have a Wookiee of my very own. R2 would be helpful, but I think he would get on my nerves after a while.

  mattweb2000 wrote @

oh yes yes yes were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SF CJ wrote @

I hope its Chewie! (originally I picked Luke, but it doesn’t look so well for Luke =( )

[…] secrecy and then I spill the beans! Everyone else has to wait until Thursday to find out… So ENTER now or miss your […]

  Houston wrote @

Go tom! Can’t wait for the book! I think that it will be r2d2

  Superfolder Artoo wrote @

I’m so excited! Even though I want Artoo to win, Origami Yoda will be the BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!! I now realize that it doesn’t matter who wins, what’s important is that we’ll get to read another installment from THE BEST BOOK SERIES EVER soon! :D I’m so excited!!!

  breezinator wrote @

This is SuperFolder Ben R. I think it will be chewie!

  stormsurge12 wrote @

Admiral Ackbar!

  mle519 wrote @

Hope it’s Wicket :-)

  Luisa Plaja wrote @

My son is voting Chewie.

  Brandon L wrote @

wicket is still my favourite because he is an awesome ewok!!!!!!!!

  shadow8881000 wrote @

i chose lukeskypaper
may the folds be with you

  mle519 wrote @

I think it’s the strange case of the static Sebulba!

  Super folder Dennis wrote @

I think it’s Luke cause he is in no books so it would be surprising if he comes out WICH HE WILL

  jill stefanovich wrote @

we’re holding our breath! we have a little shop bet going…can’t wait to find out that I was right.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Who did you bet on?

  superfolderjackb wrote @


  Tyler56743 wrote @

Clone Troopers because they betray. This is SF Tayler BTW! This is my Club Penguin WordPress account

  Master yoda wrote @

Hi Tom can you call or email around 6:00 that is if I win

  Liam wrote @

It must be Chewy.

  Stormy wrote @

Who says we can trust Tom? (no offense to you Tom)

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

You’ve got a good point!

  superfolder samy wrote @

I entered

  turtle12 wrote @

maybe Tom should make a book with the real yoda as the origami folder, and Dwight as the origami!

  Lukeskypaper wrote @

Guys remember tom said he cant use the force WELL luke learned how to use the force after his first apperance so Luke is still in

  grey rich wrote @

Is Caroline coming back?

  Sean wrote @

Luke Skywalker

  Jack Murray wrote @

Just read the first book and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t wait to get started on the second book. I’ve watched all the movies and seen all the documentaries. I bet most other kids reading this book don’t even know what McQuarie Middle School is named after. Ralph McQuarrie! He drew pictures for the movies. I think that Luke should win since he plays such a major roll in the original movies. Did you know that another Star Wars movie is being released in 2020? A comment for the author: I think you should write a series using origami Indiana Jones characters. It would be awesome!

  lily wrote @

please reply tom, will you write number4 too

  Jack Murray wrote @

I want to see Indiana Jones and Harry potter too!

  Jack Murray wrote @

It would be awesome for new movie characters.

  kit-kat wrote @

hey tom I <3 your books we are reading them in class.I think it will be chewbacca!If you could e-mail me that will be better.THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

I’m making a bet with my mom on the cover star. I think it’s Artoo, and she thinks it’s Luke. If I’m right, she gives me 2 bucks, and if she’s right, I give her two bucks. But if we’re both wrong, neither of us get anything.

  SuperFolder Yoda wrote @

Luke Skywalker! (Well duh I chose him because I’m the guy who made the Luke Skywalker cover!)

  SuperFolder Yoda wrote @

And anyway, Wicket is as useful as a Hippo right now. Tom OFFICIALLY said that Wicket is not going to make the part. And Yodamaster, DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!

  Mockingjay wrote @

Im betting on Princess Leia! Remember her in darth paper strikes back?

  Deathdefier wrote @

5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  darthfolder wrote @

WHO IS IT NOW!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  Lukeskypaper wrote @

superfolder yoda your guy looks like luke witha weird helement

  nutegunray wrote @

well i had my guess as nute gunray supposing that he was in the main plot of episodes 1,2and somewhat 3

  Ian B. wrote @

Hello, Tom! It’s Ian. Please be Obi-Wan or Boba Fett. It must be Boba Fett! For all you non-believers out there, Boba Fett does survive the Sarlacc. Dengar nurses him back to health.

  Max wilson frOm walker wrote @

Hi I was the person at walker that ask u what’s your favorite book and I say that u should make more books then 3 . Please anwser back

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Hey Max! Nice to hear from you!

  azbyc2 wrote @

I have Boba Fett instructions!!!!!!!!

  Origami Master Yoda wrote @

Hey Tom when will we hear the new title of the next book?

  Origami Master Folder Guy wrote @

Tom for the other characters just do the 5 fold and color it

  lily wrote @


  lj wrote @

it is the 29th! nothing yet. who is it

  Superfolder Artoo wrote @

The Secret of the Fortune Wookie!

  joe wrote @

I’m guessing it will be Attack of the Folded General Grevious.

  Dante wrote @

I made a lot of star wars characters I was wondering if I could send instructions in

  Dante wrote @

I have instructions fOr some star wars charecters could I send some in ?(:

  Super Folder Cris wrote @

Tom PLEASE post the ACTUAL cover yoda please reply -Super Folder Cris

  Empaper wrote @


  origamiluke100 wrote @

The secret of the fortune wookiee!!

  Ryguy wrote @

fake mustache was a good book but the origami yoda series is better

  superfolderHenryF wrote @

400th comment

  kyle wrote @

tom your awsome whats your next book going to be

  hakiim wrote @

cloone toorper

  rocket wrote @


  Darth Vader wrote @

WAIT! (wheez) I`ll bet it`s (wheez) art-2 D2(wheez)!

  Darth Vader wrote @

Emperor (wheez) Angleburgertine is the (wheez) is the greatest! (wheez)!

  Superfolder Jeffster wrote @

THE SECRET OF THE FORTUNE WOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Ben Watts wrote @

What’s The Next Origami Yoda Book (Origami Yoda 4)

  ChewieandYodafan9 wrote @

Hi! I didn’t know who it would be, but I voted Chewie because I like Chewie. Also, I ALREADY HAVE THE BOOK!

  Origami Yoda wrote @

Voted for chewie i did. Correct I was.

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