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Hello SFs!


Some sort of technical difficulties at the site, so we’re temporarily using this old site.

Feel free to look around but please DO NOT sign up or login or submit or comment or  anything like that!


The new site is UP!!!

Hey SFs!

The new site is up!!

See you there!

Jabba Book Launch Tour to visit 8 states!

SuperFolders in Tennesee, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky… AND JUST ADDED: VIRGINIA!
Me and Jabba (and SP Laura*) are headed your way soon!!!! Keep reading for the full schedule. Read the rest of this entry »

Megadoodle Poll Jan 2017

Submissions Poll

The first(?) “cover” for Origami Yoda?

A trip WAY WAY WAY WAY down memory lane!
origamiyodacover-eyesFrom deep inside my computer’s hard drive comes this picture that shows you how Origami Yoda would have looked without help from designer Chad Beckerman and artist Jason Rosenstock. Note that I was still planning to go with the stupid pen name at that point!


The stats so far…

When the new site goes up… any time now! … the stats will be reset.

So here’s a look at how much we — me, Webmaster Sam and you SFs — accomplished together:

Comments: 47,905
Top post:

Folding your own Origami Yoda & other Star Wars papercraft

Top SF post:

And here’s the best part: 3,505 posts! That is a lot of Stooky Origami made by you SFs!!!!!

I hope none of you have terrible summer jobs… like this one.

Here’s me age 13(?) cleaning live mouse traps for a scientist.



Since the mice were caught and kept alive, they had plenty of time to poop and pee all over the inside of these things.

And then I got to clean them. Lots and lots of them. For very little $. You can’t even see one of the worst parts, which was the agony of trying to put them back together again after cleaning.

(Maybe this helped inspire Horton’s miserable dishwashing job.)

One time I got a bonus: A mouse that hadn’t survived the ordeal….

Darth Maul – 7 horns, 2 arms, zero cuts

If you think he looks ugly from the front, check out the back!

This is based on a base created by SF NathanielW! You’ll definitely be seeing more using this base and I’ll try to offer instrux soon…

Don’t mess with Padme!

The Rebellion Begins Soon! Final Jabba sneak peek!

Viva la Revolucion!

McQuarrie Kids are sick of being tested and even worse “prepped” for testing! The Rebellion begins Aug. 6!!!

Can a bunch of kids with Star Wars puppets really take on their principal and win?

Will Dwight be ready to join the fight with Yoda… Or just eat a very old pickle? Or both???

Whose side will Harvey be on? What are the E.W.O.K.S.?

Is FunTime as bad as it sounds?

And most importantly… What is Jabba going to do?

You’ll find out soon! (At least I hope you will!)