Another trip down Memory Lane!

SF AustinM

SF AustinM

Evil Jawa's Jawa

Evil Jawa’s Jawa

SF Darth Noah

SF Darth Noah

SF LukeS!

SF LukeS!

This is kind of a random trip down memory lane mostly using the file names. So if your origami isn’t here, don’t be offended. You probably have a boring file name, like photo45 or something.


  SF AustinM wrote @

Yay, my Minecraft stuff! Thanks Tom… :) see you on Tuesday! I bet you don’t even remember this, Tom… SF Austin’s Super Six! Look it up with the search bar.

  SF AustinM wrote @

I felt like a dope when I sent that stuff… I forgot to include the Iron Golem!

Hooray for Star Wars and MineCraft!

  Kaden McMahan wrote @


  darth wrote @

hey, I think I remember the minecraft origami.

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

im tearing up, in a good way! im happy because im remembering all the fizzpop times with you SFs

  SF Darth Emperor wrote @

The pit droid and the jawa is my favorite!

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