Pre-printed Wookiee paper…

WANT WOOKIEE PAPER? You have to mail off for it. Here’s how…

SFs… Tom still hasn’t gotten permission to put the actual file online so that you can print your own…

If you want some, we’ll send you one in the mail.
Just send us a STAMPED, SELF ADDRESSED Envelope. (If you don’t know what that means PLEASE ask an adult to help you…)

The address is:

Fortune Wookiee
115 W. 18th St.
New York, NY



  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Yay! I got one with the book, so I got one, but there are a lot of people on the Origami Yoda Wiki who have been bugging me about getting one…. I’M FREE!!!!! I’ll just tell them that!
(When I am not taking a break)

  superfolder dom wrote @

how the heck do you get one with the book? (sorry to bug you)

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

It’s a Barnes and Noble Special Edition!

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

fizzpop i got one with the book you sf’s are gonna love it

  superfolder dom wrote @


  Superfolder Dom wrote @

Send one in, Megan/Phred!

  rymit1 wrote @

fizzpop is a skylander FYI

  Aiden wrote @


  SF Jackson H wrote @

Thanks, Tom! This helps a lot!

  Kungfutyla wrote @

Is it in colour?

  SF EthanC wrote @


  superfolder dom wrote @

i mailed away for one. IT WILL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  The Evil Jawa wrote @

Yay! I’m sending mine in today or tomorrow!

  Kungfutyla wrote @

And could I get 2, 1 for me and 1 for my sister?

  Kungfutyla wrote @

I mean in the same envelope.

  Robby wrote @

What size? Of the envelope

  Kungfutyla wrote @

No, I mean can I order 2 in the same envelope?

  Kungfutyla wrote @

Sent it!

  rocket wrote @


  drewthemasterfolder wrote @

It’s free?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  Hyun Kim wrote @

Dear Tom,
. I love your books and I made a really good looking one that took 3 hrs! Im thinking about posting it here so you can see. Also instead, can you email it to me? I bring it around school and once got in trouble :(. Well bye.
SIncerely, A BIG fan of yours.

  Collin Hernandez wrote @

I am sending the letter tomorrow, also can I get 3 (2 if I mess up, 1 for my friend)?

  Hernandez wrote @

P.S. how long does it usually take to get to and fro?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I should have warned everyone… it can take a LONG time! A month? More?


Tom, why are you talking about wookiee paper, i mean if i make some ” fortune wookiee” thats already decorated and kirigamied. I wouldnt feel special cause i did not do anything, i want do do work!! It does not have to be perfect!!!!!!!

  Bernie wrote @

Well, not everybody feels that way, so some peopl, like me, want to have a perfect one, AND a custom one, or just a perfect one. S, that’s why he made it. Now please stop complaining, I’m afraid he’ll take it away if you complain!!!!

  heart breaker 77 wrote @

how long would it be to pasadena tx also is the book hardcover

  heart breaker 77 wrote @

if it is hard cover im going to give my paperback away

  heart breaker 77 wrote @

hey does any one know how to get pre printed paper for han solo

  tigo wrote @

I made my own jarjar binks il send a pic

  Hernandez wrote @

I don’t think there is one(yet).

  Hernandez wrote @

about the han foldo paper

  heart breaker 77 wrote @


  SF Pi wrote @

I sent mine in almost a month ago! :(

  sf jay wrote @

tom can you send 3x
piecesof preprint paper

  Scott McDanel wrote @

let us know as soon as u but this up k tom?

  ESA wrote @

i sent my letter to tom just five seconds ago

  SF Pi wrote @

I sent mine in 5 weeks ago. :(

  awesomeskater44 wrote @

can u get one in canada

  awesomeskater44 wrote @

please reply

  yodadude275 wrote @

send me one please!

  Super Folder Rusty wrote @

how long does this last Tom?

  Gavin wrote @

Hey Tom angleberger I am your biggest fan!!!! I just wanted to give you an idea for your next book.darth paper should return and fight chewbacca and origami yoda!!! I think that would make a lot of fans happy!!reply back to me soon!!

  Sock Monkey 3000 wrote @

No offense but I think he has everything planned already.

  Gavin wrote @

I saw the video on YouTube for the origami fortune wookie. Your wife spent 12 hours???!!??!? She must be really talented

  O. Beetle Beetle wrote @

I am sending one in soon!
It is so cool of tom to send them to people for free!

  SuperFolderJordan wrote @

I definitely going to send it today!!


Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wookiee paper!

  Superfolder Jeffster wrote @

I sent mine not even a minute ago!!!

  Robby wrote @

I sent ten envelopes, I got 11 back… Weird.

Keep scrolling down, see the whole comment

Keep going

Almost there

JK I only sent one envelope.

  Robby wrote @

Darn, I had a fake long comment.

  Robby wrote @

Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg comment

  Robby wrote @

Looooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg comment

  Superfolder Dom wrote @

So awesome. How the heck do you get it with the book?

  Iprobablywontpostanythinghere wrote @

I’m thinking about sending it. Also, I’m such a huge fan of Origami Yoda, I almost went crazy when I found out about book 3.

  jinho wrote @

When are you getting permission to put one in website???

  sam wrote @

how do i long in on this website!

  sam wrote @

i mean log

  luke wrote @

anyone here

  General Grevious wrote @

This Is Awsome

  samuel north wrote @

people you do know you can just make a fortune wookie. if you make your own you can just add alot of 3d and detail and stuff! and thats the best part! you dont really need wookie paper do you?

  connor menschner wrote @

hay is he making a book called R2.D2

  Christian wrote @

Is it possible to gt one without mail

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Not right now.

See, I need permission from both my publisher and Lucasfilm before I can put it online. I still haven’t gotten the permission….

  jhill36 wrote @


  SF luke wrote @


  mani wrote @

im getting my fortune wookie wooh hoo yahhh

  mani wrote @


  OrigamiYodaisEPIC425 wrote @

i just sent in my envlope

  mani wrote @


  shinndigger wrote @


  noharveys wrote @

guys is there gona be a new book

  doodlejump2000 wrote @

Do you simply send a letter in the post to the address, saying what your address is and that you would like some wookiee paper and then they will send you the pre printed wookiee paper?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Yes! But “they” is me!

  superfolder wrote @

i got one with the book too!!! just get it from barnes and nobles its 13 dollars

  Aiden wrote @


  Padawan Bryce wrote @

I sent mine a week ago.

  Padawan Bryce wrote @

Hey, I got an idea. Somebody send a pic of THEIR wookiee paper BEFORE they fold it.

  SF Lee wrote @

Genius that is! Do it you must!

  erik wrote @

I like your books

  erik wrote @

I even have the secret of the fortune wookie

  SF Pi wrote @

I JUST GOT MINE!! Yeah, I scanned mine, but their might be legal issues for it floating around the net, ya know? I don’t want the police on to me. Unless Tom says it’s ok.

  Padawan Bryce wrote @

Oh. Good thing you were here.

  SF Pi wrote @

I scanned it for when I run out.

  super bacon guy wrote @

Hey does this still work?

  patrick wrote @

AWSOME!I really needed wookie paper my mom wont print any:(but still thanks cant wait for jaba the puppet

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