Print your own FORTUNE WOOKIEE PAPER!!!!!!

At last! It’s here!
Download and print this picture to make your own Fortune Wookiee paper!
Make as much as you want! Have fun!!!

Thank you Abrams + Lucasfilm for making this possible!


  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Sf Dom wrote @

But I already sent out for mine. Will it still come Tom?

  Chewie wrote @


  Han Foldo wrote @

“I’m sorry kid,” “Some things are just impossible.”

  mr.pinch wrote @


  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  superfolder dom wrote @

YES!!!!!!!!! My printer doesnt have color ink, so ill still get it in the mail!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  shinndigger wrote @

i sent mine out before this and it still came

  SF firk wrote @


  SF Palpatine wrote @


  Robby wrote @

I’m still sending in to get one. I already got one, but I lost it.

  Padawan Bryce wrote @

Oh my Jabba! :D

  AustinM wrote @

YES!!!! I pre-ordered the book @ Barnes and Noble, but never got the Wookiee paper and didn’t send off for it!

  Yodamaster wrote @

Tom, can you please keep this up as a permenant post. My printer is empty right now, so plzz keep this one up.

  doodlejump2000 wrote @

Oh yay i was going to send mine off today but now i can print it off! You got permission then?

Is this a square sheet of paper because I tried one and it looked strange

  superfolder dom wrote @

yeah, me too.

  Super folder guy wrote @

stooky! I sent in for mine, my printer doesn’t work will it still come?

  superfolder dom wrote @

Yes. I asked Tom the same thing.

  Super folder guy wrote @

thanks a bunch

  Super folder guy wrote @

question for superfolders: whos harder to make fortune wookiee or han foldo

  Alex larson wrote @

Han foldo is harder thats my apinion

  Padawan Bryce wrote @

Great! My printer ran out of ink! ) :<

  Robby wrote @

I printed ten, and ate twelve.

  SF Tistan person that likes minecraft wrote @

ha ha ha (in reply to Robby)

  NOAH HICKS wrote @

hi hi hi hi hi hi ih ihi i ihi ihihihihihii9hfuistgbyeeysfrnedrftrdg65675667574644647& HI

  doodlejump2000 wrote @

My first pic I’m going to upload to become a SuperFolder is the Fortune Wookiee and Yoda about to fight Darth Paper!

  doodlejump2000 wrote @

My Fortune Wookiee came out pink😞 i think i was low on ink

  Aiden wrote @

Hey that rhymes

  SF cau2134 wrote @

That is epic ;)

  doodlejump2000 wrote @

Oh well, i still made it and it looks really good apart from the fact that it is pink. It can be a female Wookiee.

  SF Tistan person that likes minecraft wrote @

Wow, never thought i would find this!

Mine looked horrible! because the mouth was everywere and that stuff

  obi- john- kenobi wrote @

YAY!!! hey, tom, i made a pre-print using powerpoint. May I post It?

  ESA wrote @

WOOKIEE PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SF Prime wrote @

What the math?

  dennis wrote @

this does’nt fit onto the paper i use

  Noah Mcleod wrote @

Awesome!:D My dad wont let me use the printer but I think my grandparents will.

  jonah wrote @

how do you print the fortune wookiee paper

  ESA wrote @

Right click on the paper, go to microsoft word, right click, select paste on print!

  Padawan Bryce wrote @

Tom. Is this gonna stay on the site?

  sfethanc wrote @

YEAH! It is a post.

  gabe wrote @


  SF J2L2 wrote @

That is awesome!Now I can print (fold he he) as many cover Fortune Wookies as I want!

  dwight wrote @

i saved the picture to my pictures so now i can print as many as i want.(well at least till the ink runs out)

  Juni wrote @

I wish you could print me a Fortune Wookie because I can’t print in color.You know why?Because my printer doesn’t have the color magenta!

  10cocoa wrote @



  dwight wrote @

hey tom is this gonna stay on the site?

  Aiden wrote @

Yay! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  charle wrote @

how do we print the paper????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  SF Sean wrote @

Click on it, it should turn big. Then hit command(apple for Mac) p like command quit but command print.

  Alex larson wrote @

Holly purple this rocks about a month ago i was looking for printable wookie paper but back then you could only get one in the book (hard cover) or order but now i can print it!!!!!!!!!
/ \ Ps its yoda!!

  Alex larson wrote @

Yaay im so printing this of and tom thanks to you i have 37 different origami starwars charecters and me and my friends have an origami starwars club and im writing a book called attack of the folda fett
Ps: its yoda!!
/ \

  SF Pi wrote @

Thanks for telling me i n the e-mail, Tom! I never would have found out otherwise!

  Juni wrote @

I’m SO happy.I GOT MAGENTA!!!!!!!!!!Now I can make it in color

  Fourtune Wookie wrote @


  doodlejump2000 wrote @

He he

  Brady wrote @

Thank you Tom

  sf ty2-d2 wrote @


  The Epic one wrote @

Total Epicness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  ben hand wrote @

it is great i helped a lot of pepole…i think?

  braxtonhi wrote @


  darknessthenrednessthenwhiteness wrote @

I got mine, but one side was darker than the other :P

  wampa man wrote @

Tom,how did you come up with the idea of a wookie fortune teller?

  Aiden wrote @

Tom when are you going to send my paper

  jonathan756 wrote @

tom how do you get it. EMAIL me the answer! please it is soooooo stooky!

  Dwightfan12 wrote @

I just made 45 fortune wookies! I think it looks quite nice in black and white. (in response to juni)

  Timothy Nelson wrote @

Hey Tom, where do I get that Wookie paper at? Is there a website I can find it at?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Isn’t it right here on this page?

  Timothy Nelson wrote @

Oh my mistake . Thanks!

  Timothy Nelson wrote @

Now I’m going to make him (cool)

  c3po intructions? wrote @

hey tom thx for the fortune wookie paper. but can u plz try to send in c3po intrutions?

  dont be a harvey wrote @

also keep clam and dont be a harvey! i love that saying.

  han foldo wrote @

wow, that’s a big star-ship if you ask me

  fortune wookie wrote @


  padawanbryce11 wrote @

Since my printers out of ink, Ive been waiting for it in the mail.
P.S. Tom, its been almost 7 weeks. ( Im not saying it like Harvey. )

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Just mailed out a whole ton of them today!

  blah-blah wrote @

on youtube, you showed how to make a “deluxe” yoda. would u make a video on how to make the cover darth paper? thanks:)))))

  bom bom bom bom-bom bom wrote @

can u post instructions for darth maul? PLLLEASE?

  padawanbryce11 wrote @

P.S Im the one who sent the cover yoda instructions with it as SF Bryce.

  padawanbryce11 wrote @

The P.S was for Tom.

  pokemontrainer wrote @


  brandon wrote @


  hogwildjack wrote @

If you want the paper print it or find a sticker on the book.

  manav wrote @

how do you print wookie paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Superfolder Vaktus wrote @

You should thank Disney. They OWN star wars now. Speaking of, I saw some mickey mouses in Jedi robes when I typed “star wars 7” in google. FREAKING ME OUT!!!

  Rakuto Akata wrote @

i tried to print it but it didnt come out right so i saved the picture and now i can print it! =D

  NaTAliA wrote @

Tom Angleberger is a great writer! He is very funny and creative!


  NaTAliA wrote @

heeeyyyy! keep calm and don’t be harvey!

  Super Folder Topher wrote @

I got this paper in my book at Barnes&Noble.

  Darth Vader2003 wrote @


  10cocoa wrote @

My origami Ki-Adi-Mundi says,” You could also make Tyvokka. He was an amazing Wookiee Jedi Master. He could sense things before they happened. Killed by a laser shot from a blaster.”

  Jesse wrote @

This is wugtastic!8)

  Aaron stults wrote @

Man this is pikpok, im on my tablet
And i cant use neither one of my moms
Computer because my sister is doin homework and my mom is doin you tube while down loading them:(!

  yoda wrote @

double amazing

  ewyuegf wrote @

AMAZING!!!!! i luv it it is really cool

  legodude2004 wrote @


  yoda wrote @


  luke wrote @


  SF Owen wrote @

my parents wont let me use up the ink in our printer. is there another way I can get this paper?

  sf willk wrote @

thanks tom this makes it a ton easier

  J wrote @

I love this stuff. How do you get all this stuff?????

  J wrote @

I tried to make an origami fortune wookie with a regular piece of paper. Epic fail. Thanks for the paper.

  luke wrote @

hey tom when r u going to make a origami general grevios

  Momotaps wrote @

The world may never know arttoo dtoo cough cough

[…] Make your own Fortune Wookiee either from the printed template or your own […]

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

I like trains.

  joseph wrote @

how do i download it?

  Asher wrote @


  flamvell321 wrote @

next make pre printed origami yoda paper! (green and brown)

  Yoda wrote @

I think thats right

  gavin p. wrote @

mine never prints right ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Anthony wrote @

the best paper folder ever!!!Origami Yoda VS Darth paper!!!!Who will win!?

  Yoda wrote @

darth papper yoda is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old.

  sf ? wrote @

make one for each cover star!

  the new guy wrote @

thanks tom. :)

  Holly wrote @

omg! thanks so much! yup I am a girl who likes star wars and origami. I LOVE star wars. and anyway thanks Tom Angleberger! I love the wookie it turned out terrific

  Lightsabermaniac wrote @

My precious

  r2d2 fan wrote @

I made one and gave it to my sister

I already have a really good one that I made myself

  BigGodzillaFan wrote @

I am going to ask my mom to print this out.

  BigGodzillaFan wrote @

My mom siad “i going to print this at work”.

  The yoda messenger wrote @


  Josh martindale wrote @

Super Stooky! I’m gonna have a wookie at home!!!!!!!

  Ghimli1234 wrote @

Ever have a Wookie gladiator battle?;)

  Westcott wrote @


  Yoda wrote @

What the (Bleep) are you talking about Westcott.

  The yoda messenger wrote @

A fake Yoda you are, Ermm.
Yoda swear not. Yoda imposter you are.
Hey I speak for Yoda he isn’t dead.

  Carlos wrote @

next make han foldo paper,i searched google all day to search for it

  forcemaster2100 wrote @

my origami chewbacca prints right!!!

  brody wrote @

yeah what sf? said

  charlie wrote @

Lol i haven’t read the new stooky jabba the hut book and i read the ENTIRE tom Angleberger series and the art2 dee 2’s guid and bla bla bla So i can’t wait to read it!!!!! by the way is tom every going to make a Supreme yoda like his cover i seen the youtube vid but its not The one we want

  stooky folds wrote @

im makeing a new fortune wookie that looks epic!

  r2wokie2 wrote @

i love it

  Anonymous wrote @

i am a big fan of tom angelburger

  Anonymous wrote @

I am Harey

  stooky folds wrote @

orgami yoda is the best and the hardest origami

  Yoda wrote @

Yoda is so easy bunck.

  Yoda wrote @

Stooky fold do you want to be friends?

  Secretfolder wrote @

So ,he can be ez!

  Dark Yoda wrote @

My fav is Darth papper but I like yoda too.

  Dark Yoda wrote @

I hate The fouturen wooky, because I was up all night once trying to make him!

  Dark Yoda wrote @

I love origami Star Wars

  Yoda wrote @

Me too bro.

  Yoda wrote @

I am Dark Yoda’s friend I hate hacker I want to beat the (Bleep) out of them.

  Luke wrote @

I really injoy watching the STAR WARS.I seen 1,2,3,4,5,6.I can’t wait for the new three.

  Yoda wrote @

I am Luke’s older brother he ticks me off!

  Dark Yoda wrote @

I am a mean green machine (ha ha ha)!

  Yoda wrote @

By I may never be on this again!

  Yoda wrote @

never mind my old comment.

  mekell05 wrote @

my wookie paper went through the washer so i’m asking my friend to print me some.

  sf BILL wrote @

right vow i dont have ink )-:

  sf Th3godking wrote @

i chaneged my name from sf bill (wich bill wasnt my real name) to sf th3godking
p.s i dont have ink right now )-:

  art2d2artist22 wrote @

tom angleberger is the best author/doodler to ever write a book!!

  Cameron wrote @

I thank so too

  The yoda messenger wrote @

Hey, Who thinks that Yoda (the one posting) is an imposter. Comment. He’s freinds with Dark Yoda!

  Cameron wrote @


  vincenzo wrote @

I figured out how to fold yoda with green and brown paper!

  thomas the tank engine wrote @

I made origami Thomas the tank engine

  origami fan wrote @


  Clone1625 wrote @

I cant print it. I get this error. “The RPC server is unavible.” what does that mean?

  Cameron wrote @

Hey Tom were can I get r2d2s book

  SForigamidude wrote @

im answering camerons question;i got mine online since i couldnt find it in stores.

  SForigamidude wrote @

even though im not tom lol.

  David wrote @

Can Tom make Genral Grieves

  Anonymous wrote @

I love origami yoda!!!!!!! it rocks thanks tom angleberger u rok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Lightpaper!! wrote @

I’ve made a “Mache Windu” finger puppet by converting the 10-fold Darth Paper.

  SuperFolder Dark Knight wrote @

How did you create that, what software Tom?

  tommy lomax wrote @

super duper plastic dinosaurs!!!!!

[…] people in in the room to make circulating comfortable.  At the Fortune Wookiee table I had color Chewbacca printouts from Tom Angleberger’s site, scissors, and squares of white paper and colored pencils for […]

  Matthew wrote @

Hi Tom!
I have all of your books, except Jabba. I can’t wait until it comes out!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  cp3o wrote @

Tom u never wrote back to me my name is. Cameron. Foster. did you ever get my letter

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I have not been able to answer all the letters yet. But I will be on the lookout for yours now!

  cp3o wrote @

Tom I read all ur books except jabba and i have one of ur books its art2 PS I made a simple jabba from utube bcause I watched u make it

  zachary kernus wrote @

this is awesome i am a huge fan of star wars so this a great place to make my favorite characters like jabba and so on and so forth and i just would like to thank tom angel Berger because i am now more popular at school plus its a great hobby i got so into origami that i went on you tube and learned more so i could tech it to my friends at school

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  SF ninja wrote @


  superfolderrobby wrote @

What kind of paper did the mailed ones come on?

  Maddex wrote @

pssssssss/ i won’t hate this eroart.

  Maddex wrote @

please of a dead line this is. The world is out of cannons. Send more help! Send more help!

  joshua benson wrote @

hey guys im back! from after about 5 or 6 months! WUG

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