HERE IT IS: The Cover Yoda WITH INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SuperFolder MichaelT has done it!
Not only has he folded the Cover Yoda he has also made instructions!!!!!!
They aren’t exactly easy instructions, but then again the Cover Yoda isn’t an easy thing to fold either!!
(also, you’ll note that he tapes the hand in. That’s correct! That’s how the original cover Yoda was made!)



I am so happy about this!! Now maybe people will stop asking me tom unfold the original to figure out how it was made! Thank you, SuperFolder MichaelT!!


  SuperFolderTayler wrote @


  origami man wrote @

This is impossible for me!can you make a video?

  Superfolder yoda master wrote @

I agree, I understood none of that. No affence meant, but I just didn’t quite get all that. But hopefully it will turn out good.

  dylan wrote @

stooky thats really good i made one myself and it looks awsome

  Superfolder JC wrote @


  Superfolder JC wrote @

Yes! Yes! Stooky! Bolt! Wug! Plastic Dinosaurs! COVER YODA!!!! Hoo! Jello! I’m so happy!

  Nathaniel wrote @


  Nathaniel wrote @

I cant believe my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Dwightrules wrote @

HIP HIP…JELLO! HIP HIP…YODA!HIP HIP… YAHOO! This is great news! I can’t believe it! This is awesome! I’m so excited! SO JELLO! Super cool! Oh my Yoda! This is Stooky and Jello and everything in between! HOORAY!

  Chance wrote @

wheres chads? his was the best but this is close great job!!

  SuperFolder Edwin wrote @

I crown you the king of superfolders!!!!! No, ULTRAfolder!!!

  Chance wrote @

not ULTRAfolder EPICfolder!!!

  Yodamaster wrote @

Wait a second, this cannot be the real cover Yoda. You see, I’ve been studying the Cover Yoda for a couple months now, and it has that triangle thing on the back, and the head is not connected to the ears. This is the closest design I have seen yet with instructions though. So, what I’m saying is that this is an extremely StOoKy design of a close cover Yoda.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I agree…. i think this is so extremely close that someone would have a very hard time telling the difference!!

  Yodamaster wrote @

I can easily tell the difference, you see, I made the REAL cover Yoda, the ears are much wider and in a sort of sense “taller” if you will. He comes out looking like a hunch- back at first, you need to do some fiddling, but this one is just perfect when it’s done, just sculpt the eyes, and crinckle the ears a bit.

  Nathaniel wrote @

yeah I agree. But it is extremely close to the REAL cover yoda.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Wow I REALLY used to say “you see” a lot. geez. XD.

  superfolder Ian wrote @

hay, yodamaster you’r right

  THE JEDI wrote @


  SuperFolder Edwin wrote @

I made one, and I sort of agree with Yodamaster. However, it does look pretty close.
At least he got the sleeves sort of right. Also, it’s a pretty creative way of making it. I would have never thought of that way of making it. Getting the head not to connect with the head is hard, too. So this is close enough.

  SuperFolderYonatan wrote @

I agree with Yodamaster, this is not the REAL down to the last fold cover yoda. It’s kinda just a deluxe yoda with the robe details but still on the record officially STOOKY!!!!!

  SuperFolderYonatan wrote @

There’s a way to “detach” the ears from the head. Not cutting, but a folding technique.

I’ll show you later in a vid!

  starmasterX wrote @

that yoda looks awsome I,ll probely make one of those myself.Or probely just watch Toms video about the deluxe yoda if I mess up.

  Will wrote @

it looks close but its not exactly the same. if you saw toms video were he does an in deph look at what the cover yoda looks like, you can tell that he did a lot of small folds that dont really have names to get the robe shape right, he creased were it looks like the eyebrows are. however it is close to hism odel and it is cool either way

  SuperFolderYonatan wrote @

Agreed. This one is more of a tweaked stooky deluxe yoda, which is still awesome!

  Superfolder JC wrote @

Y’know, this is the best Cover Yoda to date!

  SuperFolderYonatan wrote @

No, I disagree, no offense. SuperFolderChad has the best. Why? It was folded the exact same way Tom’s was. All the details were 100% correct on Chad’s, but Chad is in high school, so instructions for his coming on Christmas break.

  SuperfolderZachary wrote @

no the blurry one was his. The one that tom made was the other one.

  MichaelT wrote @

I can’t wait. But as Yoda says, “patience,”…

  SuperFolder Alo wrote @

I thought this was awesome! But the writing on the instructions was kinda hard to read, and i had to do it several times to make it right, but this is a pretty close form of Yoda. So good job MichealT!

  Superfolder Eash wrote @




  Super-folder Max wrote @

that’s stooky! i am super-folder max, and i folded this without trouble.

  Dwightrules wrote @

You said Jello twice!

  Superfolder JC wrote @


  Superfolder JC wrote @

That was a nice list!

  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

Well, I said Jello twice because it’s double Jello!

  matthewbest folder wrote @

they ment mine..

  SuperfolderZachary wrote @

they ment you both.

  SuperfolderZachary wrote @

It is so stawa! Star wars without the “r”s.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I love it!!!!!
I may steal that for a future book!

  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

You never even said Jello on your comment Matthew, but I like how you said just a bunch of random stuff!

  Chris wrote @

hay, remember, I asced you how to fold the darth paper on the cover?

  matthewbest folder wrote @

i forgot “milk”

  origami man wrote @

………….. ok?……………………..

  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

It’s actually Klim, not milk

  MichaelT wrote @

I found out that glue holds the hand better than tape.

  Super-Folder Matthew wrote @


  nutegunray wrote @

jello or wug ???? im going with wug

  eli wrote @

finally one that actually is him and not a crappy try at it

  monkey man 237 wrote @

yeah party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Empaper wrote @

Stooky! I made it, then added a few extra folds, and…KAPOW! A cover yoda that looks a little more like the real cover yoda!

  daniel wrote @

That is amazing! Thanks for making clear instructions on how to make the cover yoda. It really helped me.

  Jeffrino wrote @

Amazing! you helped me with the cloak A LOT!!!!!! I made a few edits to the head so it is easier……

  Superfolder Jeffster wrote @

I spoke to an origami master named Dwight recently. He loves the three books! He has a very close to being exact copy of the cover yoda! (My other friend Chris made an epic Darth Paper! I made an awesome kirigami Chewy! I love the books, Mr. Angleberger!

  Superfolder Jeffster wrote @

And plus I have a very close to the cover and pretty easy yoda instructions.
Can I show you them?

  10cocoa wrote @


  Easton wrote @

yes! i have been looking for these instrux for weeks maybe months allthou it isn’t the real cover yoda like yoda master said but it is still stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooky

  aboudi768 wrote @

I really like it, but I always get stuck on sculpting the eyes. They never cone out good!

  type294 wrote @

Could u make a video plz????

  Jesse wrote @

Stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky stooky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stooky! and stooky!

  Owen Krook wrote @

this is pretty cool but i made my own kirigami design that looks pretty similar and with absolutly no tape. Not bad for a kid who only looked at the cover yoda and modified 5 fold and Darth Paper.

  superfoldergav in wrote @

impossible but stooky

  sf aa wrote @


  MadFolder wrote @

That was the best attempt yet! Not only the best but the REAL COVER YODA! I like it! Dude thanks i was like HOLY! Thanks so much

  Anonymous wrote @

This is impossible

  Origamiguy wrote @


  Origamiguy wrote @

This is great

  Origamiguy wrote @


  stooky folds wrote @

this is right all you have to do is get the right paper and wrinkle the paper the right way

  joshua benson wrote @

i wish i had as much free time as you people!

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