How to Fold an Origami Stormtrooper! from SF TomA…

Sam tells me we hit 3 million hits on! That is CRAZEE!
So, to celebrate, I thought I’d show you guys something I’ve been working on a long time… trying to come up with a fairly EZ Stormtrooper, which could be a puppet if small or an actual helmet if big…

Hope you have fun with it!

And thanks everybody for hanging out with me here at!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @


  Superfolder Alex wrote @

Does any SF like big brother?

  Staci M. wrote @

LOVED meeting you at SWCVI last weekend! I think it was the highlight of Chase’s trip!!

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Fizzpop Stooky wow so cool awesome I can’t believe it thanks Tom

  sf Coop macnicholl wrote @

No!!!!!! Tom gave Harvey a weapon that could lead to the down fall of the fortune wookie han foldo and origami yoda!!!!!!

  sf Coop macnicholl wrote @

Its still cool though!

  Superfolder Jaymel wrote @

I hope Dwight, Tommy, Kellen, Sara, and others can fold a Rebel Alliance before Harvey turns Mcquarrie into an Empire

  capone7 wrote @

whoa thanks sf TomA :-P

  Yodamaster wrote @

A hint of oy4 maybe?….

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Hey YodaMaster I am turning the SF Films website into a website for YodaMation!!!
Check it out! PS It’s not done yet….. no films, and I have to delete a few things, but it’s IN PROGRESS!!!!!

  SF Jackson H wrote @

Thanks, Tom! This design is MASSIVELY BOLT! By the way, to make a body, here are instructions: 1) Fold one side in halfway 2) Do the same with the other side 3) Fold top down 4) Decorate it, insert it in the helmet, and you’re done!

  sf John wrote @


  SF JacobB wrote @

guys, is it just me or at the start of vid when tom showed books did one with yoda say YODA And The Attack Of rabbski? harvey?too blurry to read idk but i think that tom just showed us OY4

  SF JacobB wrote @

actually i just watched start of vid again
and i thnk it said attack of mundi you knw ki adi mundi. and didnt harvey say in tsotfw that tommy looks like ki adi mundi? but i dnt knw why it would say attack of mundi

  kikievie wrote @

I think that’s the German one

  Origami Ricky! wrote @

Yeah. It’s just OY1 but for germans. See the Origami Yoda german commercial. :/

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

awesome i made one!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!

  Superfolder Princess wrote @


  sf DaMIeN wrote @

wow! all ya got to do to prove its harveys is sneeze on it.

  O. beetle beetle wrote @

tom, you aren’t a superfolder, you’re a megafolder!!!

  kikievie wrote @

If you don’t unfold it when you fold it back, it’s a pretty deceant snow trooper. It looks a whole lot like the one in the book

  samuel north wrote @

epic tom! thanx!

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