You asked for Kit, you got Kit! Jabba sneak peek #5!


  SF Gavin W wrote @


  SF Gavin W wrote @

How many origami characters are in the book?

  SF jimmy rocks wrote @

there are 5, Kit Fisto, Fortune wookie, yoda, and darth paper.

  SF jimmy rocks wrote @

plus jabba the pupppett

  plankthewood wrote @

Holy mother of stooky! Are there actual instructions?

  Yodamaster wrote @

Looks awesome! I would love to see official instrux for this!

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @


  Noah wrote @

I love Kit! Yay! Me want instrux!

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

i bet murky uses it!

  SF AustinM wrote @

My guess for who has Kit is Murky or James.

  judah wrote @

i bet that DWIGHT has kit

  Super Folder Mike wrote @

Murky must wield him because Tom said he didn’t wield. Jabba but he wields someone else so he might wield origami Kit Fisto.

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

Yeah! I second that!

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

Oh, I meant to second that murky or james has kit.

  The Yodateer wrote @

I think it’s just one of Kellen’s drawings.

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

Blasteroni! (Means completely awesome!!!!)

So stooky! Are there any instrux?

  Bazil wrote @

yeah jabba and salacious crumb

  SF DJ Fett wrote @


  Purse Girl wrote @


  wbfirk wrote @

Stooky! I might try to make it…

  wbfirk wrote @

YES, SUCSESS! I made one that looks almost exactly like it! I will take a picture of it in the morning and post it on my blog(, so stay tuned!

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

Cool! Oh and hey wbfirk do you think you can post instrux as well? I checked out the site also!
pretty stooky!

  wbfirk wrote @

Yes, I was accualy just thinking that…

  wbfirk wrote @

but I don’t think you can handel kit!
He he he ha…

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

I can! I can Handle kit!!

  The Yodateer wrote @

wbfirk wants to keep the instrux all to himself…

  plankthewood wrote @


  SF Austin wrote @

Ditto to plankthewood!

  DJ Fett and Nahdarigami wrote @

Let me ask Nahdarigami.
Nahdarigami: My guess is Quavondo.

  wbfirk wrote @

Its up! Go check it out.

  SF Harald wrote @

I know how to make an epic Kit Fisto! Get a water bomb base and fold back 1the back triangles and fold the front ones at an angle!

  $AM wrote @


  stooky folds wrote @

at my account i will post a kit fisto and stuff im still working on the rancor its realy hard!

  Anonymous wrote @

Looks more Kirigami but STOOKY!!!

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

awesome i made different kit not a puppet but can be

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

ps Kit is one of my favs

  Anonymous wrote @

Zowa! I guess since he’s cut he’s KIrigami Fisto! Or Kit-igami Fisto! Either one works!

  Anonymous wrote @

Since he’s kirigami, I guess he’s Kirigami Fisto!

  SF CJ wrote @

Since he’s cut, I guess he’s Kirigami Fisto!

  SF CJ wrote @

Or Kit-gami Fisto! Either one will work!

  The Yodateer wrote @

I already made it! Also the name should be Kit Creaseo.

  Crubbit-er8321 :D wrote @

Holy Crubbit!

  d2 wrote @

stocky! I cant wait for the book and mabey the instruios

  plankthewood wrote @

Who else wanted to make their own Kit the second they saw the pic?

  ender firk wrote @

Cut fisto…

  wbfirk wrote @

Cup fisto

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

Or Kut Fisto

  SF jimmy rocks wrote @

guess what, I can make a kit fisto like that, and when webmaster sam get the new thingy i can post instrux!!!

  SF Twinkie0121 wrote @


  Hayden wrote @

All you have to do is do the kirigami general grievous but cut about 6 or 7 lines for the hair and when you are done fold some hair up and some down!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Good plan!

  super folder Tavin wrote @

Oh my Arceus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kit Foldo?

  Samuel wrote @

I made one it looks about exactly like the picture

  Samuel wrote @

By the way wat are those pionty things

  sabermaster wrote @

Who on earth could fold that thing!!!!!????!!???! It looks more complex than the Jedi master yoda!

  Superfolder Rageon wrote @

This Kit-igami Distortion is so stooky!! I think Kellen wields him.

  Superfolder Rageon wrote @

I meant Fisto

  Hayden wrote @

quavondo uses him.

  Hayden wrote @

ps I love to make kit fisto’s and mace windu’s because they are awesome and my 2 favourite characters : )

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