SF Jordan’s Boba Fett with instrux!

Welcome to the SuperFolders, Jordan!! This is a great way to get started!!


  Darth Vader AKA Ani wrote @

Not bad… Not bad at all… Full body version is less creepy. Cool removable armor.

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Wow! Amazingly Stooky!

  Darth Vader AKA Ani wrote @

Much simpler than the one I made, yet somehow stookier.

  origamiyoda wrote @

really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Superfolder Eash wrote @


  Michelle wrote @


  jayvee wrote @

do you color the back of the helmet

  Hansen wrote @

Man! I folded that! Totally stooky!!!

  Josh wrote @

Yeah you did

  whats up doc217 wrote @

STOOKY!!! MASSIVLEY BOLT!!! (those sayings are Murky-isms

  sf clayton wrote @

love it !!!

  Braden Rogers wrote @

it is realy cool because i love boba fett ,tom could yoy make the new
origami yoda book come out alittle sooner please replie

  cooks2002 wrote @


  SuperFolder Landon wrote @

Stooky to the Max!

  Superfolder Malcolm wrote @

stoooky, jordan!!!!!!!

you are now part of Y.O.D.A{ Your Origami Deputy Agency}

we help folders{Y.O.D.A’s motto}

  neonblast12 wrote @


  Kikievie wrote @


  Abdurrehman wrote @

Nice. I made one and added a jet pack. Oh, and can this work with Jango Fett too?

  SF Twinkie0121 wrote @


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